Bump Reduction for the Reconfigurable Control Architecture of the MultiMission Platform

Paper #:
  • 2011-36-0187

  • 2011-10-04
Amaral, J. and de Oliveira e Souza, M., "Bump Reduction for the Reconfigurable Control Architecture of the MultiMission Platform," SAE Technical Paper 2011-36-0187, 2011, https://doi.org/10.4271/2011-36-0187.
Many control systems switch between control modes according to necessity. That is often simpler than designing a full control to all situations. However, this creates new problems, as determining the composed system stability and the transient during switching. The latter, while temporary, may introduce overshooting that degrade performance and damage the plant. This is particularly true for the MultiMission Platform (MMP), a generic service module currently under design at INPE. Its control system can be switched among nine main Modes of Operation and other submodes, according to ground command or information coming from the control system, mainly alarms. It can acquire one and three axis stabilization in generic attitudes, with actuators including magnetotorquers, thrusters and reaction wheels. In this work, we will begin to analyze, design and simulate a reconfigurable control architecture with focus on reducing the bump on the switching between at least two modes of the MultiMission Platform, as part of a larger work in progress. It will be done by creating a virtual plant for the unused controls, which will keep their outputs close to the actual control, minimizing differences at the switching times. The tests are planned to be based in simulations with the MatrixX/SystemBuild software, from National Instruments, which support developers with tools to model, analyze and test a control system. They focused mainly on the worst cases that the satellite is supposed to endure in its mission, be it during modes or transitions between modes and submodes. Being able to withstand them, the control system is considered apt to other simpler situations.
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