Critical Factors in the Use of Battery for Automotive Propulsion of Urban Family Electric Vehicle

Paper #:
  • 2013-36-0400

  • 2013-10-07
  • 10.4271/2013-36-0400
Jussani, A. and Albertin, J., "Critical Factors in the Use of Battery for Automotive Propulsion of Urban Family Electric Vehicle," SAE Technical Paper 2013-36-0400, 2013,
SUMMARYHistorically, the means of vehicle propulsion - sources of mechanical work - comprise Otto or Diesel cycle engines. However, in hybrid or purely electric powertrain, the arrangements of power train can be configured in a whole range of new possibilities. The demands of working arrangements and specific performance in automotive applications are now imposed on the electric motorization. The electrical energy storage has been of interest for science and technology by the multiplicity of solutions that depend on this function. The theoretical principles evolved as well the technological resources and knowledge of materials. This article discusses batteries in order to focus on the applications of automotive propulsion for Urban Family Electric Vehicle. There are several technology alternatives for batteries for vehicle propulsion application. The proposed solutions bring various situations where there is conflicting choices - trade off - when considered from the perspective of applications and users. This survey lists the types of batteries currently in development and its characteristics for vehicle propulsion. The research is qualitative with primary data obtained through interviews with experts, and secondary data taken from literature and technical publications. In light of the data collected and the theoretical basis this research studies the relationships proposed in the research object. Therefore, technical factors critical in the use of batteries that impact the acceptance of electric vehicle user's point of view were analyzed: energy performance, the charging time of the battery, and power to weight ratio, the ratio of energy delivery, the volume the package in the vehicle, the masses added to the vehicle and its distribution. Additionally, was verified the existence of factors related to security: environment aspects and occupants in situations involving accidents. It is expected, with the identification of such factors, to contribute to further studies in this research field.
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