Investigation and Reduction of Brake Squeal and Groan Noise

Paper #:
  • 2015-01-2687

  • 2015-09-27
Choudhary, A., Mense, Y., Singh, S., and Shridhare, M., "Investigation and Reduction of Brake Squeal and Groan Noise," SAE Technical Paper 2015-01-2687, 2015,
Brake noise is one of the common complaints and an irritant not just for the vehicle occupants but equally for the passers-by. Brake noise is actually vibration that is occurring at a frequency that is audible to the human ear. This occurrence of brake noise like brake squeal (>1 kHz) and groan (<1 kHz) is often very intense and can lead to vehicle complaints. During a brake noise event, vehicle basic structure and suspension system components are excited due to brake system vibration and result in a resonance that is perceived in the form of a noise.Proposed work discusses an experimental study that is carried out on a vehicle for addressing concern regarding disc brake squeal and groan noise. Based on the preliminary inputs, vehicle level study was carried out in order to simulate the problem and objectively capture its severity. During the process major influencing factors like hydraulic brake pressure, vehicle speed, brake temperature etc. have been monitored and varied across different levels in order to cover the complete operating range and for establishing a better understanding of the environment in which the noise event occurs. Subsequently, different options were tried out in order to optimize the sound pressure levels inside and outside the passenger cabin without compromising on the overall braking effectiveness of the vehicle. Finally, a comparative analysis is carried out for selecting the best option for implementation on vehicle.
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