Chassis Development for the Motorcycle With High Power Output Supercharged Engine

Paper #:
  • 2015-32-0723

  • 2015-11-17
In motorcycles, the size and output performance of the engine itself has a major effect on the maneuverability of the motorcycle. In particular for cases where a high output engine is mounted on a lightweight frame, these effects are even more of a concern.In the case of developing a racing motorcycle with a high power engine, the behavior of the motorcycle differs depending on the output range used and there are a lot of cases where changes to the basic dimensions of the motorcycle as well as the main components are required. Here, there are a lot of cases where the rider and drive-able courses are limited to compatibility with distinct specifications and when considering use as a general mass production motorcycle by riders with varying levels of skills and in various environments, it difficult to determine how to provide support. In the case of installing a high output engine on a general mass production motorcycle that is not for racing, ensuring of robustness of motorcycle behavior related to engine characteristics to the extent possible while providing the rider a feeling of comfort even if there is noise to enable enjoying driving at high output are of utmost importance.Also, in a high output engine the amount of heat generated by the engine is extensive and management of this heat is important to ensure comfort of the rider. Similarly, appropriate aerodynamic management in conjunction with increase in traveling speed is also important to ensure motorcycle stability and comfort. For general purpose motorcycles, ensuring of robustness relative to speed range and driving style as well as reducing driving resistance are important as well.This report describes the motorcycle chassis for the first general purpose mass production motorcycle in the world to use a supercharged engine that generates high output and describes important technology elements used to package this general purpose motorcycle that enable achieving both stability and high maneuverability.
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