The significance of establish a durability model for automotive ride

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  • 2017-01-0347

  • 2017-03-28
This paper presents the development of a relationship between objective vehicle ride level and coil spring durability life using road data to shorten suspension design process. Current development processes of vehicle suspension systems which include vehicle ride and suspension spring durability are categorized into different stages of analysis and therefore, consumes lots of time. Through the developed predictive model, the ISO weighted accelerations were used to describe durability of spring components or vice versa. This model has led to immediate solution of suspension design with reduced number of testing. In order to construct the model, strain and acceleration data from various roads were measured using data acquisition which was involving car movements. Prior to the strain measurement, a finite element model of the spring was measured to identify the critical region of the spring and strain gauges were applied on the particular spot. Collected acceleration signals were then processed to obtain the ISO weighted acceleration through proposed weighting factor while strain signals were used to predict durability life with cyclic spring material properties as input. Results showed that the ISO weighted acceleration and spring durability life possess good relationship in form of power law and a R2 value as high 0.9058 was obtained. The prediction model was subsequently validated using a suspension test rig and good correlation was achieved. All the five data points were fitted properly in 1:2 and 2:1 correlation graph. Therefore, this model is able to provide acceptable solution to predict durability of automotive springs or vehicle ride quality without extra testing setup.
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