An Integrated Method for Evaluation of Seat Comfort Based on Virtual Simulation of the Interface Pressures of Driver with Different Body Sizes

Paper #:
  • 2017-01-0406

  • 2017-03-28
This paper presented an integrated method for rapid modeling, simulation and virtual evaluation of the interface pressure between driver human body and seat. For the simulation of the body-seat interaction and the calculation of the interface pressure, in addition to body dimensions and material characteristics, an important aspect was the posture and position of the driver body with respect to the seat. The correct simulation results could be acquired only by realistic setting of the body posture, by introducing posture prediction models. To ensure accommodation of the results to the target population, usually several individuals were simulated, whose body anthropometries covered the scope of the whole population. The multivariate distribution of the body anthropometry and the sampling techniques were adopted to generate the individuals and to predict the detailed body dimensions. In the biomechanical modeling of the human body and seat, the correct element type, the rational settings of the contacts between different parts, the correct exertion of the loads to the calculation field, etc., were also crucial. For practical use, it was important to connect the calculation results with design parameters, so that the influences of the design parameters on interface pressure (or even the seat comfort) could be identified. This was useful for the design optimization of seat. Other techniques, such as the virtual measurement of H-Point and seat design parameters, the rapid evaluation of interface pressures for seat comfort, etc., were necessary to aid design and optimization. The framework integrating the above techniques was developed to conduct the interface pressure simulation. The integration of the above techniques would greatly improve the modeling efficiency and the practicability of the framework.
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