Study Of Deformation Control Of Carbon Fiber Composites IP Carrier

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  • 2017-01-0499

  • 2017-03-28
Recently, for automotive industry, weight reduction is increasingly needed to improve fuel efficiency and to meet emission requirement. Substituting heavy metallic materials with strong and light composites seems to be the most viable choice to achieve vehicle weight reduction. Because of a high level of styling flexibility and simple process, injection molding is the concern of OEMS. However, injection molding part especially for large part would have large deformation. Therefore, the deformation must be controlled within the requirement during development. According with topology optimization result, we get the structure of IP carrier. The result of moldflow analysis showed that the largest deformation in X direction is 19.4mm, in Y direction is 9.5mm, in Z direction is 13.7mm, which were not satisfy the deformation requirement that was the deformation of the core area must be less than 3mm. By structure optimization, the deformation reduction was obviously. The moldflow analysis result was that the largest deformation in X direction is 5.8mm, in Y direction is 3mm, in Z direction is 3mm. Although the largest deformation in X direction went beyond the requirement, we get the conclusion that this would not affect the assembly after evaluation. Finally, we verify the analysis result by coordinate measuring test. The test result shows that the deformation of core area was within 3mm, which could meet with the analysis result. Moreover, the carbon fiber composites IP carrier was assembled to the vehicle. The IP carrier can be simply assembled to the vehicle. All the tests result indicated that the deformation of the composite IP carrier was controlled within the requirement. This paper reported the deformation control of carbon fiber composite IP carrier. Through structure optimization, the deformation was controlled. The analysis and test results showed that the structure optimization was feasible and the deformation can fulfill the requirement.
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