New spray concept development for dual injection system

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  • 2017-01-0835

  • 2017-03-28
Gasoline direct injection (GDI) system is a main development target for global warming and energy security. At the same time, Multi point injection (MPI) system is important to be developed as solution of simple and robust combustion system against global fuel, which is required for glowing automotive market toward emerging countries, especially A, B segment vehicle. This paper focuses on reducing wall wetting in cold condition, and maximizing mixture cooling by fuel vaporization (preventing knocking) in high load condition as key development point of MPI system. We propose dual MPI system enhancing direct intake of spray into the combustion chamber to gain part of GDI spray benefit, with the homogeneity advantage of MPI system. This dual MPI system requires both finer atomization and robustness against intake flow at the same time to exploit said benefit. Injector installed at center of each intake port realizes robust homogeneous mixture on the horizontal section against the intake air flow. On a vertical section, oval spray could realize robust mixture if atomization disadvantage due to hole number restriction is solved. Our unique nozzle technology (tapered hole) solves oval spray disadvantage thanks to enhanced spray brake-up by expanding flow. In addition, faster fuel flow in the nozzle and less pressure loss at the nozzle inlet are implemented to use a thicker nozzle plate which improves spray directionality and atomization by making thinner fuel film. Due to these improvements, oval spray with tapered hole can realize open valve injection exploiting benefit of the dual MPI system.
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