Refinement of the Legislative Test Cell Conditions Based on Local Real World Ambient Condition

Paper #:
  • 2017-01-0991

  • 2017-03-28
Presently, regulatory emission and fuel consumption values for new car are determined by a type-approval process. Several studies have shown that the type-approval data is not representative for real-world usage. The working group designated as Real Driving Emissions – Light Duty Vehicle (RDE-LDV) assessing the potential of two candidate testing procedures: Emission testing with random driving cycles in the laboratory, and on-road emissions testing with Portable Emissions Measuring Systems (PEMS) as real driving test procedure. The recent reports concluded that both PEMS and random cycle testing are technically feasible. The random cycle testing is more effective than emissions testing with the NEDC, but potentially cover a smaller range of driving conditions but it allows use of established, accurate analytical equipment, and enables the repetition and reproduction of individual emission tests under defined conditions. PEMS on-road emissions testing may cover a wider range of driving and ambient conditions than random cycle testing and is therefore potentially more effective in ensuring that the pollutant emissions of a wide range of light duty vehicles are properly limited during normal operation and use. However, PEMS on-road emission testing faces several challenges like the boundary conditions of ambient temperature and humidity, road gradient and traffic pattern etc. In this study, an insight about the variation in ambient temperature and humidity of several Indian cities with respect to controlled condition (temperature and humidity) of type approval testing in the laboratory and recommendations are given for changes in the current values to better represent real world ambient conditions. Keywords: Ambient conditions, Temperature, Absolute Humidity, Standard testing limits, Emission
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