Physically motivated model for efficient dynamic simulation of chain tensioners with labyrinth seals.

Paper #:
  • 2017-01-1073

  • 2017-03-28
For the unfailing function of a timing chain drive the hydraulic chain tensioner is from great importance. It has to provide the necessary pretension and damping on the chain drive. For optimization and target orientated design detailed simulation models of the chain tensioner coffering different physical domains, i.e. mechanics and hydraulics, are needed. Object of this study is a new chain tensioner with two additional labyrinth sealings. In previous works, the dynamical flow behavior through the labyrinth sealings has to be determined by extensive CFD simulations or experimental measurements covering a lot of different parameters. Hence, the aim of this work is to derive a physical orientated model for labyrinth seals usable for dynamic simulation of chain tensioners within the framework of multi-body dynamics and hydraulics. To avoid time consuming CFD simulations or experiments the labyrinth seals can be characterized by only a few physical motivated parameters. This parameters can be derived from geometric data providing a very good forecast feasibility without experimental investigations. Thus, layout options, parameter studies and system optimizations can be performed very easily in early stage of the design process. For detailed high accuracy simulations of existing labyrinth seals the model parameters can be refined by experimental data. Compared to a map based model only a small number of measurements are needed. Both approaches are compared in this paper. The derived models of the labyrinth seals are used to model a chain tensioner. A hydraulic test-rig was built for static and dynamic measurements. A comparison between simulation and measured is presented to prove accuracy, benefits and practicability of the presented approach. For this, investigations were carried out in a wide temperature and frequency range for three different chain tensioners.
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