Pole-Phase Modulation Motor Drive to Extend Torque-Speed Capacity for xEV Applications

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  • 2017-01-1235

  • 2017-03-28
Electrified vehicles (xEV) require high torque/acceleration ability and wide speed range. To meet both of them, the traction machines have to be oversized, which results in large volume and weight, high cost, and low efficiency. In practical applications, high speed motors combining with gear box achieve tradeoff between torque and speed capacity, because the increased motor speed can reduce the motor volume at the same power rating and the gear box is employed to increase torque. In fact, electric machine can achieve “electrical gear” rather than using “mechanical gear”, so electric machines integrate “gear” and “motor” together, as a result that “mechanical gear” can be minimized. “Electrical gear” of electric machine is performed by pole-changing. In the past, pole-changing employs mechanical contactor, the windings are de-energized prior to pole changing and the stator winding needs to be reconfigurable using contactors, which will produce discontinuous torques. The electronic pole changing has been studied to overcome this problem. The pole-phase modulation technique that can change the poles and phases (two degrees of freedom) simultaneously, presents more flexibility to achieve the electronic pole changing when compared to pole change (one degree of freedom) only. This paper focuses on pole-phase modulation motor drive to extend torque/speed capacity for xEV applications. First, the principle of pole-phase modulation motor drive is introduced, and followed by modeling, control method, and employed inverter to achieve smooth torque during pole changing, and then, an application example for EV/HEV is illustrated to show the advantages in extending torque and speed capacity. The specific benefits to xEV applications will be concluded by comparing this new technology with existing approaches.
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