Development of Chemical Process for Recovering High-quality Rare-earth Oxides from a HV Motor Magnet

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  • 2017-01-1278

  • 2017-03-28
Heretofore, the interest in prevention of global warming is high in the automobile industry. And the development of the green cars (HV, EV etc.) advances rapidly to reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) discharge when running. In the announcement of "Toyota environmental challenge 2050", we were committed to continuing toward the year 2050 with steady initiatives in order to realize sustainable development together with society. As it is declared here, our responsibilities aren’t only to reduce CO2 discharge when running but to reduce life cycle CO2 discharge and use resources effectively by refusing, reducing, reusing and recycling (4R). Although the green cars decrease CO2 discharge when running, most of those increase CO2 discharge when manufacturing and increase resources risks (price fluctuations, deflection of the resource production, depletion etc.). For example, the driving motor uses the magnet including rare-earths (Nd, Dy etc.). The rare-earths hold problems that CO2 discharge in the material production and resources risks (price fluctuations, deflection of the resource production) are high. The general recycle processes of the rare-earths firstly separate them roughly in the state of oxides by chemical processing (solvent extraction separation etc.). Secondly, these become high purity rare-earth elements by electrolytic refining. Finally, make it a magnet again. However, the electrolytic refining is high cost and discharges much CO2 to use high energy for metal fusion, electrolyzation. Therefore, the rare-earths recycle has not been implemented yet. We developed the chemical recycle processing of high-quality rare-earth oxides that is economical and reduces 80% CO2 discharge in the materials production without electrolytic refining. In addition, this paper introduces the Car to Car materials circulation flow with a little energy loss as this premise. It is the circulation between pure rare-earths for magnets and rare-earth oxides for catalyst of exhaust gas filter.
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