A CFD Analysis Method for Prediction of Vehicle Exterior Wind Noise

Paper #:
  • 2017-01-1539

  • 2017-03-28
Interior noises in high frequency of a passenger vehicle due to exterior wind noises induced by turbulent flow around the vicinity of the front pillars and front side glass are one of the most impact factors on customer feelings of riding comfort and their perception of quality of vehicle. In order to reduce such undesirable interior noises during vehicle development process, a calculation and visualization method for exterior wind noise with an acceptable computational cost and adequate accuracy is required. In this paper an index for prediction of the strength of exterior wind noise, referred to as Exterior Noise Power (ENP), is developed based on an assumption that the acoustic power of exterior wind noise can be approximated by the far field acoustic power radiated from vehicle surface. Using the well-known Curle’s theory, ENP can be represented as a surface integral of an acoustic intensity distribution, referred to as Exterior Noise Power Distribution (ENPD), which is estimated from turbulent surface pressure fluctuation and mean convective velocity in the vicinity of vehicle surface. Therefore calculations and visualizations of ENP and ENPD are able to be implemented in an unsteady Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation without extra cost for acoustical computation. Applications of ENP and ENPD in vehicle development process can provide not only quantitative information of acoustic power of exterior wind noise in detail parts of vehicle but also indication of location of dominant sources of exterior wind noise as well as the associated turbulent flows. The information of ENP and ENPD are helpful in order to set up goals for exterior wind noise in each part of vehicle and to establish countermeasure geometries for reduction of exterior wind noise.
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