Measurements of emissions for non road diesel engines in real fields

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  • 2017-01-1738

  • 2017-03-28
Diesel engines have significant contribution to the formation of particulate matter (PM) in metropolitan areas. Lot of researches have revealed that PM originated from diesel engine is carcinogenic and is closely related to lung cancers. Diesel engines used in trucks, buses, pickups, and automobiles have been regulated systematically with more and more stringent emission standards in the past thirty years. However, non road diesel engines are under much looser regulation. The reduction of PM for non road diesel engines becomes an important issue recently as most of the on road diesels are conformable to the strict standards. Emissions of diesel engines used in construction machinery were measured in real fields for real operations in this study. The variations of NOx concentrations and opacity were recorded in four different working modes, low idle, high idle, rapid acceleration, and partial load. It was found that opacity varied a lot in rapid acceleration. However, in the partial load which simulates the real working operation, the variation of opacity was not so much. As for NOx variations, a more complicated pattern shows up, indicating that the formation of NOx is affected by engine speed as well as engine load. The emission factors were estimated in real fields for inventory calculation. Keywords: diesel engine, PM, non road engine, NOs
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