Noise and Vibration Measurement Methods for Large Diameter Single-Piece Propeller Shafts

Paper #:
  • 2017-01-1775

  • 2017-06-05
This paper describes recently developed test methods and instrumentation to address the specific noise and vibration measurement challenges posed by large diameter single-piece tubular aluminum propeller shafts with high modal density. The application described in this paper is a light duty truck, although the methods described are applicable to any rotating shaft with similar dynamic properties. To provide a practical example of the newly developed methods and instrumentation, rotating and non-rotating data were acquired in-situ for several propeller shafts of varying construction, including both lined and unlined shafts. Data were also acquired with and without a torsional tuned vibration absorber attached to the driveline. The example data exhibit features that are uniquely characteristic of large diameter single-piece tubular shafts with high modal density, including the particular effect of shaft rotation on the measurements. Observed differences between the static and rotating data are examined, and observed frequency shifts are explained by coordinate transformation from the stationary sensor locations to the rotating shaft. As a final note, the suitability of the experimental data for CAE model correlation is assessed.
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