Combination Analysis of Operational TPA and CAE Technique for Obtaining High Contributing Vibration Mode

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  • 2017-01-1856

  • 2017-06-05
Operational transfer path analysis (TPA) is one of TPA methods recently developed. This method calculates contributions of reference points (e.g., engine mount) to the response point (e.g., vehicle interior noise/vibration) using only the operational data. Through this operational TPA (OTPA), effective noise/vibration reduction can be achieved. On the other hand, many accurate vibraton modes can be obtained recently by the progress of CAE technique. However, it is not eacy to find out which calculated vibration modes of the structure (e.g., vehicle flame) affect the response point (e.g., steering) largely. In this study, we then combined the OTPA technique with CAE to obtain high contributing mode. As the test structure, a rear flame of a small constraction machine model was employed. Firstly, the vibration modes were obtained by CAE (eigenmode analysis) and 25 modes were obtaiend under 250 Hz. Subsequently, operational vibration of the structure was measured. For applying OTPA, acceleration signals of 15 points on the rear flame were used as the reference signals and the cab vibration positined on the flame via rubber bushes was set as the response vibration. Input force was given under the flame by a shaker and the vibrations at all points were measured simultaneously. As the result of OTPA, high contributing principal component mode was obtained and high contributing vibration modes were also extracted using these mode shape correlation. Four in the 25 calcualted vibration modes remained as the important mode to the cab vibration through the analyses. Finally, CAE (response analysis) was again applied for the modification of the high contributing mode at 150 Hz and actual countermeasure was performed according to the simulation result. The result showed the cab vibration could be reduced only at 150 Hz largely and effectiveness of this combination analyses was clarified.
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