Study on Routing Optimization of Multi- compartment Vehicle with Carbon Emission

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  • 2017-01-1988

  • 2017-09-23
With the rapid economic development, path problem of refined oil distribution vehicle has been paid more and more attention. Which multi- compartment vehicle has obvious advantages because it can deliver many kinds of oil at the same time. This paper takes into account the conditions such as time window, multi-distribution center and simultaneous distribution of various oil products. How to optimize the transportation route, reduce the cost of distribution process and reduce the distribution cost and carbon emission in the background of low-carbon logistics, , To improve business income, to solve the oil companies in the distribution process is very concerned about the issue. In this paper, the routing optimization problem of multi- compartment vehicle is considered, which is based on the multiple distribution center with the time window, to reduce the carbon emissions, which mainly refers to greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emissions. It can be described as: An oil company has a number of distribution centers in a region, these distribution centers have a number of the same type of multi- compartment vehicles, and according to the demand for loading a variety of refined oil, and then from the distribution center, according to the planned path were transported to the coordinates. Location is known, the demand is known to the customer point (gas station), in order after the distribution is completed, return to the starting distribution center to complete a distribution task. In planning the distribution path, not only to consider the loading, travel distance and other constraints, but also consider the customer time window constraints and driving process fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
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