Integrated Approach for Active Safety System Analysis And Design

Paper #:
  • 2017-01-2003

  • 2017-09-23
Wei, Z. and Tang, 1., " Integrated Approach for Active Safety System Analysis And Design," SAE Technical Paper 2017-01-2003, 2017.
Active safety has grown to significant popularity in the recent years in the Chinese automotive market. So far the active safety devices such as radars, cameras and AEB are installed as the "bright spots " for the sales purpose. For some companies the devices also serve as the "point getter " in E-NCAP safety assessment. There has been no practical means for quantitative assessment of the real safety benefits from these devices. In this paper a CAE method is proposed not only to assess the safety performance of each device in each single standard setups, but also analyze the total safety performance of the integration of all the active safety devices. By utilizing a database of the past traffic accidents and reverse-constructing the road environments, the method makes it possible to quantitatively estimate the number of lives the active safety system could save. By maximizing the number of lives saved it is possible to optimize the parameters of each device thus, minimize the total cost of the active safety system. The method can also be a useful tool for a company to determine the active safety design criterion by balancing the number of lives potentially saved and the money spent on the system. Considering the active safety being the first step of the autonomous driving, it is also worthwhile use the method to simulate a vehicle driving with the integrated features such as ACC, AEB, LKA and so on before putting the hardware on the road. The method presented in this paper utilizes a Chinese traffic accident database with the aim to develop an active safety analysis and design means suitable for the Chinese traffic and the road environments.
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