Better Reuse of Architecture Models: Profits and Costs

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  • 2017-01-2108

  • 2017-09-19
Different modelling techniques intended to deal with complexity of modern IMA systems are widely used now. Models can be used to help developers to lay out relevant information structurally. They can also be used to perform different formal analyses on machine-readable models like schedulability analysis, network load checks, WCET for software parts, FTA and FMEA and etc. For some kinds of analyses, special models are created on different stages of development. We suppose that reuse of models for different aspects and development stages is generally a good thing. In some cases it allows to reduce costs on development process; also it allows to make preservation of consistency between models more automatic. We are aware that using the same model for different stages or aspects can cause additional cost in the model maintenance. In this paper we are trying to make a step to further (including practical) research on this topic. We are considering AADL as an architecture modelling language to use. The following properties of AADL allow us to approach model reusing: • machine-readable textual representation and model elements typing with more or less well-defined semantics; • ability to represent different parts of a model on different levels of abstraction; • modularity, i.e. clear distinction between the core architecture sublanguage and detachable additions to model components; • universality, i.e. ability to cover different and disjoint aspects of modelled systems. We also are considering the MASIW framework to work with AADL models and to analyze them. Considering particular modelling aspects, we suggest a case where we want to show how models can be reused on different stages of development. We hope that approach applied for this case would work for other cases that can appear in the avionics development domain.
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