Intelligent Engine Overheat Protection Strategy for Small Gasoline Vehicle with Rear Mounted Engine

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  • 2017-01-2220

  • 2017-10-08
In automobile design, a rear-engine design layout is mainly found in small cars and light commercial vehicles chosen for three reasons - packaging, traction, and ease of manufacturing. The aim of this paper is to strategize over heat protection of the rear mounted engine and its components of a small gasoline car in which a radiator and cooling fan is packaged close to the engine at rear of the car for simple packaging and efficient thermal management. Strategizing overheat protection for subject vehicle is crucial due to three critical reasons which tempt high probability of engine overheating. (1) HVAC system is mounted at the front, this arrangement requires lengthy coolant lines extended between the HVAC heater and the engine routed beneath the car which is critical to structural damage due to underbody assembly, leads to overheating. (2) The lengthy coolant lines of HVAC heater system becomes critical as air traps in the coolant system during coolant filling and de-aeration process leading to overheating. (3) In case of radiator fan failure, rear mounted engine compartment does not get enough surrounding air for cooling and will lead to overheating As the engine of the subject vehicle is with Aluminum cylinder head and block, engine does not seize but continue to function even when there is no coolant in system. This leads to potential risk due to steep rise in engine oil temperature and engine components temperature. This paper is about strategizing a distinctive engine overheat protection function in-case of overheat phenomenon. The strategy is validated on fleet cars and it meets safety critical requirements to protect the engine and critical components from damage. This novel monitoring strategy ensures protection of vehicle and components during overheat condition in the event of cooling system failure by a FIVE LEVEL EMS strategy.
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