Combustion phenomenon with pressure oscillation and destructive effect in a confined space

Paper #:
  • 2017-01-2240

  • 2017-10-08
The mechanism of the knock phenomenon or super knock in spark ignition (SI) engines needs further investigations. The existing research results showed that the engine knock is always combined with interactions between flame and shock waves accompanied by pressure oscillation. However, the effect of destructive power on the practice engine and experiment device have not been studied clearly. Thus, a newly designed experimental apparatus equipped with orifice plate was employed to simulate the knock damage in SI engine. In present work, the high-intensity combustion can be generated by changing aperture and porosity of the orifice plate. Therefore, in this study, the effect of destructive power caused by knocking combustion on the experiment apparatus was investigated. In addition, the combustion phenomenon, velocity of flame front and shock wave, pressure and pressure oscillation were analyzed. The result showed that combustion wave would generate a strong destructive power to experiment device. The optical glass and orifice plate were damaged. It can be clearly observed that the strong combustion wave generated by end gas auto ignition produced the strong force to the orifice plate. And there existed extremely high peak pressure and intense pressure oscillation in the destructive process. The peak pressure was 10.3 MPa and maximum amplitude of pressure oscillation was 4.2 MPa when the optical glass damaged. It was concluded that the interaction between the flame and the shock wave or disturbance induced to the auto ignition in the end gas, and the auto-ignition flame spread quickly like an explosion and caused intense combustion wave, which produced destructive effect to the optical glass and orifice plate.
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