Experimental Study on the Effects of Intake Parameters on Diesel LTC Combustion and Emission

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  • 2017-01-2259

  • 2017-10-08
The diesel low temperature combustion(LTC) can keep high efficiency and produce low emission. It has been widely studied at home and abroad in recent years. The combustion control parameters such as injection pressure, injection timing, intake oxygen concentration, intake pressure, intake temperature and so on, have an important influence on the combustion and emission of diesel LTC. In order to realize different combustion modes and combustion mode switch of diesel engine, it is necessary to accurately control the injection parameters and intake parameters of diesel engine. In this work, the effect of intake oxygen concentration, intake pressure and intake temperature on the combustion and emission characteristics of diesel LTC were analyzed by experimental study. Combustion performance and emission characteristics such as in-cylinder pressure, temperature, heat release rate, NOx and soot emission are presented and discussed. The experimental results reveal that, with the decrease of intake oxygen concentration, the ignition delay is prolonged, the in-cylinder pressure is decreased, the heat release rate is increased first and then decreased. NOx emission decreases gradually, and the Soot emission increases first and then decrease. With the increase of the intake pressure, the ignition delay is shortened, the in-cylinder pressure and heat release rate are both increased, the NOx and soot emission are both decreased. With the increase of intake temperature, the ignition delay is shortened, the in-cylinder pressure and the heat release rate are both increased, the NOx and soot emissions are both increased. Through the investigation of this paper, it provides a theoretical basis for combustion optimization and control of diesel LTC.
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