Influence of the Methanol Proportion on the Combustion Characteristics of Methanol-Biodiesel -F-T Diesel Blended Fuel

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  • 2017-01-2335

  • 2017-10-08
F-T diesel which is made from coal to liquid by Fischer-Tropsch synthesis can be used as a clean alternative fuel of diesel engine. But, F-T diesel has the disadvantage of high cost and low viscosity. Combined with the low cost of methanol and high viscosity of biodiesel, F-T diesel would be modified to be the Methanol-F-T diesel-biodiesel multiple fuel (MBFT). Considering the miscible between alcohols and hydrocarbons, this paper carried on a series of stability tests and found that the n-decanol was the optimum co-solvent of MBFT. Then, MBFTs were the blends of be methanol varying proportions (i.e. 0%, 5%, 10% vol), biodiesel (10% vol), F-T diesel and n-decanol (recorded as M0, M5, M10 and M15). The increasing methanol proportion would cause the increase of the oxygen content of the mixed fuels while the heat value would be reduced, as well as the surface tension and cetane number. The influence of methanol proportion on combustion process and vibration characteristics were studied on one turbo-charging engine. Results indicate that with the increase of the proportion of methanol, the ignition delay period of MBFTs prolonged while the normal combustion period and after burning period shortened, the peak value of heat release rate was increased and the phase was delayed, phase pressure rise rate also is the rule, and the peak value of pressure oscillation delayed in one combustion cycle. The average energy of the engine vibration signal would be increased while the mechanical impact of the engine would be weakened when the proportion of methanol was increased.
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