Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and HC Investigations of a Low RON Gasoline Fuel in a Compression Ignition Engine

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  • 2017-01-2405

  • 2017-10-08
Fuels from crude oil are the main energy vectors used in the transport sector but these fuels associated to CI engines are nowadays often criticized. Nevertheless, engine and fuel co-research is one of the main leverage to reduce both CO2 footprint and criteria pollutants. CI engines, with gasoline-like fuels, are a promising way for NOx and particulates emission abatement while keeping lower CO2 emission. To introduce a new fuel/engine technology, investigations of pollutants are mandatory. Previous work [1] already studied the behavior of low RON gasoline soot generated with a CI engine. The aim of this paper is to assess the impact of such fuel/engine technology on the HC emissions and on the DOC behavior. HC speciation is performed upstream and downstream DOC. Warm-up and efficiency are also tested for different operating conditions. Then, exothermal capacities are considered to ensure high level of temperature for DPF regeneration. Upstream and downstream DOC, HC speciation showed lighter molecules with a low RON gasoline fuel. Upstream DOC, main HC family is olefin for diesel while it appears to be paraffin for low RON gasoline. For steady hot conditions, conversion efficiency of HC and CO for both fuels are quite similar. Differences are highlighted for transient conditions from cold to warm. Due to higher amount of HC and CO for low RON gasoline combustion, catalyst seems to be poisoned and light off temperatures are higher than diesel ones. Moreover, the HC storage, during the light-off, is lower when using low RON gasoline. Finally, DOC exotherm for DPF regeneration is possible with low RON gasoline post-injections. Despite some differences in the HC species between Diesel and low RON gasoline, conversion efficiency and DOC exotherm are quite similar. Nevertheless, the light-off and HC storage during a warm-up phase could be different and need more investigations.
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