Finite Element Analysis of a Brake Disc under Constant Mechanical Loading

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  • 2017-01-2490

  • 2017-09-17
A brake disc is one of the most critical components in modern vehicle’s brake systems, and is always among the top customer concerns of safety and conformability. To meet the challenges in its applications, strict validation of the brake disc performances in the development process is necessary. These performances include its ability to sustain its designed functions under extreme loading conditions; the high-cycle and low-cycle durability under repeated thermal and/or mechanical loading; and fine NVH performances and environment friendly. Finite element analysis, one of the most popular CAE tools, has become a great validation tool in the brake disc development process. In this paper, a disc brake system under a constant braking torque is analyzed using finite element method, in which the stress and strain in the ventilated brake disc employed are the major concern. From the detailed analyses of stress/strain distribution and cyclic stress/strain history with the loading, it is found that the maximum stress and strain in the brake disc under the constant mechanical loading only occur at the specified locations; and the stress and strain are multiaxial and non-proportional. These findings will help, as guidelines, to develop suitable evaluation tools for the strength and high-cycle fatigue of the brake discs; to build proper laboratory test procedures and equipment; and to design strong and durable brake discs. Furthermore, based on the analysis results some finite element modeling strategies are recommended. And finally two simplified finite element modeling methods to shorten the analysis time are also evaluated. Key words: Brake Disc; Rotor; CAE; Finite Element Method.
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