The Effect of Commercial Vehicle Head-up Display Reminding System on Driving Safety in Mountainous Area

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  • 2017-01-2500

  • 2017-09-17
Head-up Display (HUD) system can avoid divers’ distraction on dashboard and effectively reduce collisions caused by emergency events, which is gradually being realized by researchers around the world. However, the current HUD only displays information like speed, fuel consumption, other information like acceleration and braking can’t be displayed yet. This research will uses the color and position change of the indicator symbol to remind drivers of braking information like braking time, braking severity, which can alert drivers to make braking operations timely and accurately. The system has the advantages of safe, intuition and real-time. The vehicle safety speed is calculated according to the road parameters like adhesion coefficient, slope and curvature as well as vehicle parameters like vehicle mass and centroid. And then the appropriate braking operations like braking time are obtained by combining the vehicle status like speed and steering. The braking information is corresponded to the color and position change of the indicator symbol to prompt the divers by the HUD. At the same time, under different driving conditions, experiments will be carried out to study the difference of diver’s braking operations when there is braking information presentation and there is not. The effects of different braking operations on driving safety performance will be evaluated. Compared with the condition of no braking information presentation, when there is braking information presentation, driver's braking start time is ahead of schedule, the emergency braking situation will be reduced and the braking frequency is increased on the down slope. The results above show that the braking information presentation based on the HUD has significant effects on improving driving safety.
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