The Design and Evaluation of EMB Actuator Scheme

Paper #:
  • 2017-01-2509

  • 2017-09-17
Electromechanical Braking System(EMB)stops the wheel by using motor and related enforce mechanism to drive braking pads to clamp the friction plate. It is compact-sized as well as faster-responsive, which solves the spillage and slow response of traditional hydraulic brake system. The institutions at home and abroad have put forward all kinds of new structural scheme of EMB. At present, there are various EMB structural schemes, but the analysis and evaluation of these schemes are relatively few. In this paper, on the basis of a large number of research, the EMB actuator is modular decomposition according to function and the parametric 3D model library of each function module is established. According to the braking requirements of the target vehicle, a development platform is set up to match EMB actuator structure scheme quickly. Moreover, the analysis and evaluation of several typical schemes are accomplished by analytic hierarchy process, providing reference for application of EMB in real vehicles. Specific to EMB actuators, which used to drive motor to match planetary gear reducer and ball screw mechanism, ADAMS and Simulink are used to establish a dynamic co-simulation platform and accomplish the analysis of influencing factors of actuators kinematics and the dynamic characteristics, which lay a foundation for the control of EMB.
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