Computational and Experimental Heat Transfer Investigation of Agricultural Tractors to Improve Comfort Conditions of Driver

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  • 2017-28-1929

  • 2017-07-10
Operator’s thermal comfort has been a common complaint from tractor operators. This work involves the study of heat transfer taking place in tractor and its influence on operator’s thermal comfort. Heat transfer through forced convection from radiator fan plays a key role in transferring hot air from the underhood to operator’s leg room making thermally discomfort.This work aimed at numerically modeling the flow and thermal processes occurring in agricultural tractor using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The fan is modeled as Multiple Reference Frame (MRF). The motivation for this analysis is to identify the factors affecting the thermal comfort and to develop a thermally comfort environment for operator’s in tractors, since tractors operator’s thermal comfort is very essential for the effective performance. The validity and accuracy of the numerical solutions was verified and quantified with the numerical results. The comparison of the numerical results for temperatures and velocities induced by fan, with the experimentally measured data served as a measure to quantify the applicability of CFD for operator thermal comfort study. The comparison between the two sets of results proved acceptable, with a maximum difference of 10%, indicating that CFD is capable of predicting temperatures and flow fields with reasonable accuracy. Further study involves the development of design methodology for axial fan to design an axial fan such that able divert the flow instead of reaching to operator leg room. The free vortex approach is employed, which provides acceptable efficiency and relatively simpler design. The proposed design methodology delivers accurate design solutions for axial fans, and this is verified with numerical simulations.
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