Performance Modification of Three Cylinder Diesel Engine Ge-Rotor Oil Pump through Rotor and PRV system

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  • 2017-28-1934

  • 2017-07-10
Current high rating thermal loaded engines must have super-efficient lubrication system to provide clean oil at appropriate pressure and appropriate lube oil temperature to every part of the engine at all engine RPM speeds and loads. So oil pump not only have to satisfy above parameters but also it should be durable till engine life. Gerotor pumps are internal rotary positive-displacement pumps in which the outer rotor has one tooth more than the inner rotor. The gear profiles have a cycloidal shape. Both are meshed in conjugate to each other. Gerotor takes up engine power through crankshaft and deliver to various engine consumers at required pressure and required time. Over the complete engine rpm speed and loads range, oil pump need to perform efficiently to provide proper functioning of the engine. Otherwise low oil pressure leads to more friction in the pump, seizure of bearings and final failure of the engine .High oil pressure can lead to failure in oil filter, gaskets and seal. In this aspect pressure relief passage having huge importance to maintain suitable oil pressure in the system at hot and cold environmental conditions. Not only it regulates correct flow but also if properly optimize can reduce power consumption by the pump and the engine. Hence the different oil pump critical design parameters are reviewed in three cylinder diesel engine to have better performance of oil pump in terms of reduction of friction but without causing reduction in the flow of the main oil gallery. The design was validated in the engine test bench and found increase of 11% in oil pressure is being realized at 2250 rpm
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