Vibration analysis on magnesium alloy housing and analysis of resonant frequency on the housing between magnesium and aluminium alloy

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  • 2017-28-1969

  • 2017-07-10
Magnesium alloy current being used for automotive sector and are being significantly used for manufacturing engine block as offering higher power to weight ratio to the vehicle. In this context, the magnesium alloy has been used in the replacement of aluminium alloy for the starter housing which in turn increase the power to weight ratio of the motor. Considering the operation condition of starter motor in the engine of the vehicles, the starter motor are being exposed to the harsh environment, where its system are being tested for Noise, Vibration and Harshness. In this paper, the magnesium alloy housing is used to study the vibration and noise developed in the starter motor and the same is compared with the noise and vibration of the motor when it being used with Aluminium alloy Housing. First, the vibration study is carried out for the housing part alone to capture the resonant frequency of the both housing alloy say, Aluminium and Magnesium. And further to this study, the housing are assembled in the starter motor and being tested for the vibration study as a system. The result will discuss on the Noise and vibration analysis of both Magnesium alloy housing and Aluminium alloy housing
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