Development of Wireless Message for Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Safety Applications

Paper #:
  • 2018-01-0027

  • 2018-04-03
The existing SAE J2735 standard specifies the mechanisms and data elements for transmitting road sign information and advisories from the infrastructure using the Traveler Information Message (TIM) structure. However, this approach limits the information communicated between the infrastructure and the vehicle. At the same time, road signs may not be sufficient to inform the driver or vehicle system of impending hazards. To have the vehicle system aware of any hazard situation and therefore determine if driver warnings are necessary, the vehicle should be provided with all information needed to support V2I safety applications via communication interface from the road infrastructure, This paper summarizes the development of Wireless Message from infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) for safety applications based on Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) under a cooperative agreement between the Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners, LLC (CAMP) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). During the development of the Curve Speed Warning (CSW) and Reduced Speed Zone Warning with Lane Closure (RSZW/LC) safety applications, an extensible, containerized message called Basic Information Message (BIM) was developed. The developed BIM will deliver required infrastructure data to the vehicle-based application in a single message leveraging existing SAE J2735 data elements. BIM provides needed road infrastructure information necessary for DSRC equipped vehicle with on-board safety application to determine if driver warnings are warranted. The containerized framework for BIM provides greater flexibility to extend the message structure by adding containers for future event types (use cases) while maintaining backward compatibility
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