Selection and Thermal Modelling of an Automotive Blower Motor by Using CFD and its Experimental Validation

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  • 2018-01-0073

  • 2018-04-03
The present paper outlines the selection and numerical modeling of a high performance and efficient blower motor of an automotive HAVC system. In today’s scenario blower motor is present in every car fitted with HVAC system. The selection of a blower motor is very important in terms of delivering right amount of airflow with minimum consumption of electric power. As the power consumption goes up it significantly contributes in indirect GHG emission from a vehicle. The other major factor of a blower motor is that when it rotates it generates some amount of heat which is very detrimental for its life and performance as well. Also the generated heat may lead to increase in temperature of the main stream flow causing reduction in the cabin cooling. The present study describes the step by step methodology of selecting a blower motor suitable for automotive HVAC application. It involves the evaluation of motor characteristics followed by its durability under operating conditions. Then the motor startup and stalling characteristics are figured out. Further the increase of temperature in all conditions of motor running is estimated using the numerical simulation and accordingly geometry of motor is modified based on uniform and enhanced airflow distribution inside the motor cavity. For this the complete geometry is modeled in CFD software and conjugate heat transfer is solved. The simulation also evaluates the possibility of entering the rain water during vehicle running. The simulation results then validated with that of experimental results which correlates very well. Thus a methodology is developed with which designer can select and package the motor in order to have minimum power consumption and maximum life.
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