Development of durability test cycle for rig testing of live axles based on Road Load Data and its correlation with field

Paper #:
  • 2018-01-0099

  • 2018-04-03
Drive components of live axle undergoes different loading conditions during field usage depending upon terrain conditions, vehicle loading and traffic conditions etc. Drive components experiences loading in terms of different torque levels while running on vehicle. Testing of these drive components of axle on test rig for endurance life is an imperative part of axle development, owing to limitations of vehicle testing on account of time and cost involved. Similarly, correlating field failures with rig testing is equally critical. In such situation, if a test cycle is derived correlating the field usage, rig testing can be effectively used for durability and reliability testing. To bridge this gap, an approach is presented in this paper wherein test cycle is derived based on the data collected on vehicle in the field under service road and loading conditions. The data is collected in terms of propeller shaft torque or wheel torque, engine and transmission output speeds, transmission and axle oil temperatures etc. Above data is collected for few hundred kilometers in required terrains as per the road mix proposed for vehicle. This data is then processed and analyzed to determine the number of cycles of different torque levels in those many kilometers of data collected. The analyzed data is extrapolated for the stated life of vehicle or axle using acceleration factors based on S-N curves. A block test cycle is then prepared, comprising of a matrix of torques, number of revolutions or test durations and corresponding speeds representing a duty cycle for the life of axle for vehicle under consideration. This method set forth an accelerated test approach effectively correlated with field failures of axle drive components like crown wheel-pinions, bearings etc.
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