Development of a Robust AIS Parametric Model for V8 Engines Using Design for Six Sigma Approach

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  • 2018-01-0140

  • 2018-04-03
The automotive Air Induction System (AIS) is an important part of the engine systems which delivers the clean air to the engine. A well-designed AIS should have minimum flow resistance, minimum thermal gain and radiates a good quality sound at the snorkel. The IDDOV (Identify-Define-Develop-Optimize-Verify) method is a Design For Six Sigma(DFSS) approach which can be used for creating innovative, low cost and robust products on significant short schedules. The CAE simulation method enhanced with DFSS approach has been developed and implemented in AIS development to meet customer expectation in FCA US LLC. The development work included different types of DFSS projects such as IDD project, IOV project and Robust Assessment(RA) project based on the IDDOV method. In this paper, the work of an IOV project is presented on developing a robust AIS parametric model to achieve optimized snorkel noise and flow performance for specified V8 engines. First, the theory of the GT-power acoustic simulation and robust optimization in IDDOV method is overviewed. The capability and limitation of the methods are discussed. Then, the parametric model of the AIS which based on the available design space is built. The effect of different levels of the individual parameters on the AIS snorkel performance is studied. The characteristics of the specified V8 engine source noise are also analyzed in this section. Thirdly, the detail work of each step of the IOV project is presented. Particularly, the selection of dynamic ideal function, the computation of the robustness and efficiency of different designs and the verification of functional performance for the optimized design are discussed more in detail in this section. Finally, a robust optimized AIS parametric model for the specified engine is recommended based on this study and the future work is suggested.
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