Numerical Investigation to study the resistance forces for optimizing the load characteristics of Ground and Water Transport Vehicles

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  • 2018-01-0316

  • 2018-04-03
A simple cart consists of wheel, payload and power source like animals, IC Engines or electrical drives. So basically three things have to be considered in order to enhance the transport mode like railways, waterways and roadways. These are friction at the contact surface between wheel and ground, pay load and power source. Water transport has more significant features in terms of frictional power and fuel consumption. So, a comparative study was done to determine the total resistance force or Power required for ground vehicles, tracked/rail vehicles and marine vehicles. Also graph analysis was executed to match the power available, total resistance force, pay load with the fuel consumption in all 3 types of transport modes like ground, railways and marine vessels. If the maximum resistance force was measured in ground vehicles exerted due to the rolling frictional-resistance force (friction co-efficient * weight) then, what happens to the traction force if a water transport vehicle or towed float vessel propelled on a rail, or in ground? Because, there is no such resistance force acts directly on the wheel at this mode of transport. The application of the buoyancy force acts a vital role in this study. Based on the results, investigation was carried out to find whether the hybrid environment is suitable or not for establishing an innovative mode of transport, which can be said shortly, ‘the boats propelled on a rail system’. Based on the above results, kinetic modelling is done using computer software and Matlab environment. This modelling is done using software environment to reduce the practical issues originated with hydrodynamic behaviour of water, structural design and many others during the design stage. The results were documented to analysis the improvements further for the future work.
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