Perceived Gear Shift Quality Metric development for Motorcycles

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  • 2018-01-0388

  • 2018-04-03
Two-wheeler ‘joy of ride’ reflects the market positioning of the product and brand image and it’s good or bad will influence consumers’ driving experience. Perceived gear shift quality is one of the most significant attributes in the two Wheeler's joy of ride and riding experience (drivability). In motorcycles gear shift quality is extremely subjectively perceived attribute. This paper describes a method to develop a gear shift quality metric to capture the perceived shift quality in two wheelers. Various methods like feeling explanation, usage term section and interview are used to capture the descriptive words used by target customers to express their shift quality subjective feelings. Semantic Differential (SD) terms are made for each critical descriptive word and used in rating survey form. Rating form also involves overall shift quality subjective rating on 10-point scale. Another survey form ranking form is developed to collect the importance of each SD word by a new method. A survey is conducted on target customers by using these forms, asked to express their personal vehicle’s shift quality. The ratings are normalized by using weight functions derived from ranking forms. Normalized rating data is processed by principal components analysis method to develop gear shift metric. The developed method is validated by generating the metric with different set of customer’s data (new survey). An experiment is conducted to identify the relationship between subjective ratings and associated mechanical properties variation in the vehicle during the gear shifting event. Motorcycle is instrumented with various sensors to measure the mechanical properties variation during shift event. A group of riders are asked to ride and give the subjective evaluation scores as per developed metric and real time data is logged. Relation between the shift metric components scores and mechanical properties variation is derived and overall shift quality is estimated by mechanical properties.
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