Derivation of test schedule for clutch using Road load data analysis and energy dissipation as base.

Paper #:
  • 2018-01-0404

  • 2018-04-03
During every clutch engagement (at the time of launch or during gear shifting), energy is dissipated in clutch assembly because of relative slippage of the disc on account of differential speed and inertia. Energy dissipated in clutch is governed by many design parameters like driveline configuration of the vehicle vis-a-vis vehicle mass, and operational parameters like road conditions (slope), traffic conditions etc. Clutch burning failure, which is the major failure mode of the clutch, depends on this energy dissipation phenomenon during clutch engagement. Clutch undergoes different duty cycles during usage in city traffic, highways or hilly regions etc during its lifetime. A test schedule is derived, using energy dissipated during every clutch engagement event as a base and using road load data collected on the vehicle. Road load data is collected in different road mix conditions like City traffic, hilly region, highway, rough road etc for few hundred kilometres. Data is collected in terms of engine speed, transmission input shaft speed, vehicle speed, engine torque, clutch pedal travel, temperature inside clutch housing etc. Using this data clutch energy is calculated in all the clutch engagement events observed in road load data. Cumulative energy calculated from all these events is extrapolated for stated life of the clutch, for vehicle application under consideration. A test cycle is derived considering maximum energy dissipated in engagement event, clutch engagement pattern and maximum temperature observed inside clutch housing. The life predictions and failure modes observed with this test schedule are evaluated against the field vehicles and it showed a good correlation. The test on the rig with such schedules, provides better avenues to shorten the development time line of clutch system as well as vehicle driveline.
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