Modeling of Fast Charging of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Batteries

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  • 2018-01-0435

  • 2018-04-03
With the improvement of battery technology, increased energy intensity and lower production costs, the main automakers began actively introduction of a new generation of cars with electric drive. It leads to the request for modern electrical equipment that provides both a rapid charge of storage batteries and the conversion of electrical energy stored in the battery, for the needs of the final electrical equipment. For these purposes, a universal algorithm for rapid charging of batteries has been developed by authors. It assumes the fastest charging of the battery without damage due to overheating or overcharging. The algorithm includes several main parts: the algorithm of initial temperature testing; algorithm of initial (test and / or training) drip charging; the main current charging algorithm; algorithm of permanent temperature testing; basic voltage charging algorithm; algorithm of permanent temperature testing: and algorithm for final drip charging. The implementation of such algorithms requires the presence of an appropriate electronic database with the registration of the state of the charge level and charging time. The efficiency of the fast battery charging algorithm was investigated by mathematical modeling. Computer modeling was carried out using free disseminated software. One of the modern trends in the development of vehicles is the creation of commercial and passenger transport, powered by electric traction. The adjustment of the mathematical model was carried out taking into account the features of these vehicles. The results of the simulation are applied in the creation of automatic mobile and stationary devices that provide high-speed charging of batteries and power for on-board equipment when moving vehicles and in parking.
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