Development of Traction Motor for New Fuel Cell Vehicle and New Electric Vehicle

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  • 2018-01-0450

  • 2018-04-03
Honda's aim is to realize the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life. As such, three series of environmental vehicles–FCVs, BEVs, and PHEVs–have been developed so that users in communities around the world can select the ones best suited to their local energy circumstances and individual lifestyles. This paper discusses a structure that enhances both the motive power performance and quietness of a newly developed FCV/BEV traction motor. To enhance motive power performance, the research focused on the stator lamination technique. As for methods of affixing the stator’s layers, the practice with previous models has been adhesion lamination, using electric steel sheets that come pre-made with adhesive layers. Having adhesive layers, however, lowers the ratio (space factor) of steel sheet layers. The new motor uses electric steel sheets without an adhesive layer in order to enhance motive power performance. To enhance the quietness of the auto interior, it is important to lower the magnetism excitation force. To do this, a new magnetic circuit was developed and magnet positioning was optimized. For the rotor structure, level skewing was used to shift the rotor yoke in the direction of the perimeter. A new motor to go on new FCVs/BEVs was developed and a traction motor that offers quietness, power, and a smooth driving feeling was achieved. Compared to the previous motor, the new motor raises maximum output from 100 kW to 130 kW, and maximum torque from 256 Nm to 300 Nm, all while maintaining the same volume. It also lowers motor noise heard in the interior of the vehicle by 5-10 dB(A), when compared to the previous motor.
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