Finite Element Analysis and Test Correlation for Pressing and Staking of Planetary Gear Pinion Shaft

Paper #:
  • 2018-01-0481

  • 2018-04-03
During the assembly process of planetary gear, the pinion shaft is initially press-in to the planetary carrier and then staking is performed for affixing pinion shaft onto the position. The main purpose of staking process is to prevent the movement of pinion shaft during transmission operation with minimal distortion of the assembly. During the press-in process, pinion shaft and carrier are subjected to extremely high friction due to interference fit. In staking process, the pinion shaft top and bottom ends are deforming permanently and becoming a lump structure to hold the shaft in position. Pinion shaft should sustain certain axial force exerted by helical planetary gears, which tends to push the carrier flange out of position during operation. Staking length, staking force and interference between shaft and carrier hole are the critical parameters, which determine the maximum axial force that pinion shaft can withstand. Finite element (FE) analysis is commonly used to evaluate the necessary force requirement for press-in and staking processes and to find out the residual stresses remained around the press fit region. By correlating, the simulation with the results obtained from transmission assembly plant validates the FE model and its assumptions. In this study, the pressing and staking force data acquired from assembly process were correlated against the FE results. The FE analysis was carried out for multiple configurations with possible combinations of maximum and minimum tolerances associated with pinion and carrier hole in diametrical as well as axial directions. Reasonably good correlation was observed between the measured data and FE results, which shows that the FE model is validated against the actual assembly process.
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