A study of the influence of the R&H performance for suspension tightening torque of high performance vehicle

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  • 2018-01-0577

  • 2018-04-03
Suspension is a system which operates dynamically according to road condition unlike other system statically mounted to the body. Especially this is more remarkable in high performance vehicle because there are more high input from road to suspension than normal vehicle. For this reason, the tightening torque of suspension system of high performance vehicle is more important than other systems and normal vehicle. To support the clamping between parts against force from road when cornering, optimized tightening torque is required to maximize R&H performance. For this optimization, it should be conducted first to comprehend how much performance effects on vehicle by tightening torque. This paper presents relationship between tightening torque of suspension parts hardware and R&H performance and for the robust mounting, focused on what managing method of clamping force and what kind of mounting structure are efficient. (1) To investigate the tightening torque effect, blind driving test is conducted as changing tightening torque. Basically set the tightening torque range and level first. For the next step, change the tightening torque with each level in same vehicle. Also to check the effect of mount area, change the torque in each area that is separated two section; axle area, subframe area. After changing torque, driver conducts the subjective R&H test without any notice of change. (2) To make robust mount in suspension system, research focused on mount type, method of managing clamping force and mount part structure type. There are two types in managing clamping force; angle controlled method and torque controlled method. Each type has different distribution of clamping force after tightened. Also each mounting part has different material and stiffness and joint type. It can influence on generating clamping force.
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