Study on frequency domain noise jamming mechanism of vehicle millimeter wave radar based on traffic scene

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  • 2018-01-0601

  • 2018-04-03
"Automobile Millimeter Wave Radar" has become one of the important sensors of "advanced driving aid system (ADAS)". However, although millimeter wave radars can operate all day long and all-weather, their “detection capability” and “measurement accuracy” are still largely affected by traffic scenarios. Main performance: Because the relative position and relative motion state between radar and scene elements (such as road, road facilities, moving vehicles and pedestrians, etc.) are different, based on the principle of Doppler effect, The scene elements may lead into different levels of “noise pollution” in the radar frequency domain, and then lead to radar "missing target, measurement is not allowed" and other common problems. Therefore, it is necessary for us to study the mechanism of frequency domain noise interference in order to develop a good ADAS system. The research content of this paper is the application background of Millimeter Wave Radar Virtual Test Simulation Platform. It was supported by two topics of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (U1564211) and the national key research and development program (2016YFB0100904). This paper unfold research which focuses on the difficult problem, “analysis of radar scene frequency domain noise jamming mechanism” in radar test platform. In this paper, the source, mechanism and damage degree of frequency domain noise of millimeter wave radar in different scenarios are carefully combed. It can provide a more realistic radar frequency domain noise simulation data for ADAS millimeter wave radar simulation research. Firstly, the purpose and significance of the research on frequency domain noise of automotive millimeter wave radar are described. Then, this paper analyzes the mechanism of Doppler effect in traditional radar and the source of frequency domain noise. At the same time, the article gives a general account of the existing radar noise sources and mechanisms at home and abroad. Subsequently, the applicability and limitations of the frequency domain noise of automotive radar of the existing noise sources are analyzed. On the basis of the above discussion, this paper studies four kinds of specific traffic scene. Firstly, the paper studies on the frequency domain noise mechanism of the conventional road surface motion. The second is the frequency domain noise mechanism of the vehicle driving scene. The third is the mechanism of the noise frequency following traffic scene. And the fourth is the frequency domain noise mechanism of rain scene is studied. Finally, through the Delphi radar, the above frequency domain noise mechanisms are tested and verified respectively, and the contrast analysis curves are given. By contrast, we can think of the mechanism of frequency domain noise in this paper conforms to the radar real work condition. The conclusions of this paper have great contribution and auxiliary function to "ADAS based on millimeter wave radar" virtual experiment!
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