Path Following Simulation of Four wheel Steering Vehicle Based on Model Predictive Control

Paper #:
  • 2018-01-0695

  • 2018-04-03
The car wire-four-wheel steering system combine advantages of steer-by-wire system and four-wheel steering system. The transmission of electrical signal replaces the connection of traditional mechanical vehicle. Each wheel of the car actives independently on the control of the information processing unit combined with the motion state of vehicle body. It makes the vehicle steering system achieve intelligent control. Compared with conventional vehicles, the electric vehicle has more controllable degrees of freedom, so the maneuverability be greatly improved by completing the special actions such as zero radius turning, oblique driving and crab. Through the integrated design of the chassis control system, the steering, drive and braking system can be coordinated to ensure each tire of the vehicle having maximum adhesion margin, which enhances the vehicle stability greatly. Above all this system is very suitable for use as a smart vehicle steering system。 The research of the intelligent vehicle mainly includes: technology in environmental perception, analysis of drivers’ behaviors, controlling system in vehicle motion. This paper, mainly aiming at the path following control technology in the controlling system of vehicle motion. First, a S-Function module of model predictive control in Simulink based on the four-wheel vehicle dynamics model, that combines with four wheel steering models in CarSim was built to set up a four-wheel steering model with model predictive control, then use it for path-following simulations. Second, a front wheel steering model was set up with model predictive control, path-following simulations were used too. Finally, hardware-in-the-loop experiments were performed using dSPACE and NI PXI. By comparing results, the advantages of four-wheel steering system were verified.
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