Development and Design of Test Bench for Electrically Controlled Steering System

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  • 2018-01-0702

  • 2018-04-03
The electrically controlled steering system has overcome the main demerits of the traditional steering, and become the mainstream. Hence, the development of its test bench is both imperative and urgent. This essay aims to develop a steering test bench, which is built for electrically controlled steering system and based on hardware-in-the-loop technology. After the background introduction and several investigations, the function and the overall structure is introduced in this paper. The overall structure is mainly comprised of hardware system, software system and MicroLabBox, which serves as the real-time simulation platform. As for the hardware, a R-EPS is chosen as an example. Afterwards, sensors, which consist of the angle sensor, torque sensor, load cell and so on are selected with reasons. A frameless disk motor is selected as the steering wheel loading system, so as to carry out automatic input, which is more accurate and objective. We select the dual linear motor system as the resistance simulation part, because of its numerous advantages compared with other schemes. In terms of the software, MATLAB/Simulink is used to build up and modify the control strategy, and the dynamic vehicle model is built in CarSim. RTI is used to create a seamless connection between MATLAB/Simulink and MicroLabBox. With the help of ControlDesk, researchers can control the experiment and tune parameters in real-time. In addition, the control strategy of EPS is also proposed, including the assist curve, returnability control, and damping control. Several joint simulations are carried out and the results are analyzed. Overall, this paper has laid a solid foundation for the development of ECS system.
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