Comparison of active front wheel steering and differential braking for yaw/roll stability enhancement of a vehicle

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  • 2018-01-0820

  • 2018-04-03
Since the active front wheel steering and differential braking can improve the handling stability of the vehicle, this paper proposes an active front wheel steering strategy and a differential braking strategy to compare the difference in yaw/roll stability between these two strategies. This paper adopts the Matlab/Simulink and TruckSim joint simulation method. The working process of differential braking strategy is as follows: The reference vehicle model outputs ideal yaw rate, sideslip angle and roll angle and TruckSim outputs actual yaw rate and sideslip angle. Instability judgement module determines whether or not to brake the wheel according to these ideal and actual values. Additional torque calculation module uses linear quadratic regulator(LQR) to calculate the optimal additional yaw moment. Braking force distribution module determines which wheel to brake according to understeer or oversteer of the vehicle. Braking power control module turns the additional yaw moment into brake force and then brakes the corresponding wheel in TruckSim. The active front wheel control strategy is that the fuzzy PID controller is designed to track the ideal yaw rate, and the corrected wheel angle is obtained. Then the corrected wheel angle is allocated according to understeer or oversteer of the vehicle. So the actual yaw rate and sideslip angle approach the ideal yaw rate and sideslip and enhance the stability of the vehicle. And then this paper selects step steer, double lane change, fishhook, and J-turning as typical working conditions. Make simulation test under no control, AFS control and DBC control separately and make a comprehensive comparison to verify different yaw/roll impact on the vehicle. Results shows that these two strategies can effectively prevent rollover of the vehicle and each one has his good points.
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