Sliding Mode Control of Electrical Active Roll Stabilizer Using Switched Reluctance Motor

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  • 2018-01-0832

  • 2018-04-03
An electrical active roll stabilizer has been designed and developed for improving the vehicle anti-roll performance. The roll stabilizer consists of three major components, i.e., motor actuator composed by a switched reluctance motor(SRM) and a harmonic gear reducer, passive roll stabilizer connecting motor actuator and suspension and several sensors detecting the vehicle body attitude. SRM is one of the most pivotal components that generates the active anti-roll torque. In order to achieve the magnetization characteristics of SRM which are usually difficult to obtain through the experiments, the finite element analysis of SRM has been completed using the software of Maxwell 16 based on the measured dimensions of the prototype of motor actuator. Then, the data of magnetization characteristics are transferred and imported into the specific model of SRM in Matlab/Simulink. This precise model of SRM can be used for the further dynamic control simulation. Equipped with two active roll stabilizers respectively in the front and rear suspension, the model of full vehicle is built. The sliding mode controller based on feedback linearization is designed for roll control. The controller calculates the real-time ideal anti-roll torques of two stabilizers based on the measured lateral acceleration and roll angle. The control simulation is carried out using the combination of Matlab/Simulink and Carsim. Double lane change at the speed of 50km/h is chosen as the simulation condition. The results with the proposed controller showed that the body roll motion due to the lateral acceleration while steering was substantially reduced compared with passive roll stabilizer and PID controller. The obtained simulation results verify the validity of the controller and indicate that the motor actuator can effectively realize the ideal anti-roll torques.
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