An Experimental Investigation of Tibological performance of a lubricant using different Nano Additives

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  • 2018-01-0833

  • 2018-04-03
A common problem that would exist in choosing lubricant type; mineral or synthetic, is that to which extent this lubricant could satisfy the relevant functions. Modern lubricating oil is a kind of synthetic product of base oil and anti-wear additives package. These anti wear-additives are increasingly essential so that lubricants could maintain their properties and functions even in high operating conditions. Anti-wear additives are mostly required to improve lubricant properties and hence tribological performance. A novel solution to this issue is to add relatively small amounts of effective Nano additives to the main content of those lubricants. Such supplement would offer an enhancement to their tribological and thermal properties as wear resistance and friction surface temperature. In this work, different types of Nano additives are used to investigate their effect on the tribological properties of a certain lubricant (TOTAL FLUIDE AT42). Three main Nano additive materials were used with two different concentration for each; Gamma aluminum oxide (Alumina Al2O3), Copper Oxide (Cuo) and one-dimensional carbon Nano tubes (CNT). A pin on disc equipment fitted out with circulated lubricant system was operated for 140 hours with normal lubricant, and for 140 hours for each case of the three Nano additives with a total working time of 560 hours. Weight loss of the pin, friction surface temperature and friction force were measured every 20 working hours. Results showed that there is an improvement in lubricant properties especially in the case of Copper oxide Nano additives, which had decreased the average weight loss of the pin and friction force by 60.83% and 33.06% respectively. Also, a remarkable decrease in friction surface temperature was achieved for all cases of Nano additives.
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