Technology to Achieve Engine Efficacy: Electro-Mechanical Water Pump

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  • 2018-01-0981

  • 2018-04-03
The research elucidates the use of electro-mechanical water pump to attain fewer emissions and optimize the engine life by flowing the optimized coolant flow. The pump is an up gradation of the only electrical or mechanical pump by improving the limitations. The electromechanical pump works on the solenoid switch actuator technology according to the need of engine cooling system to optimize the engine temperature. The coolant flow is optimized by the electrical pump at lower and sporadic rpm and by the mechanical system from the crank shaft drive at higher and constant rpm. The pump also optimizes the temperature of exhaust gas recirculation cooler by varying the coolant flow in response to different cooler temperature. The electromechanical pump helps to reduce emissions, brake specific fuel consumption and enhances engine life. The electromechanical pump optimizes the coolant flow according to engine RPM, chamber warm up temperature and time. The engine coolant mechanism is essential for efficient functioning of an engine which requires coolant flow according to different loads and chamber temperature. The electromechanical system attains zero flow strategy or optimized flow strategy at the warm up time to provide stable combustion. The electrical pump flows only 60% of conventional flow to increase engine life,reduce exhaust emissions and BSFC. The total hydro carbons are reduced by 10%, and carbon monoxides are reduced by 14% which is significant to achieve future emission norms. The optimized coolant flow leads to better mixing of fuel and air, better combustion and in the reduction of THC, CO and particulate matters. The particulate matter is also reduced by 3%. The engine life is increased by the optimized coolant flow along with better heat dissipation and also remove scaling, corrosion, and rust. Keywords- Emissions, BSFC, Electro-Mechanical, coolant, pump.
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