Repeatability and Reproducibility of Oblique Moving Deformable Barrier Test Procedure

Paper #:
  • 2018-01-1055

  • 2018-04-03
NHTSA has previously conducted testing to evaluate the repeatability of the oblique offset moving deformable barrier test procedure. Since this testing, NHTSA has made changes to the test procedure, and changes to regulations and consumer information testing have propagated to the vehicle fleet. Therefore, there is a need to re-evaluate the repeatability of the test procedure. Also, the reproducibility of the test procedure needs to be evaluated to determine the variability of the test results among multiple test facilities. To evaluate the repeatability and reproducibility of the test procedure three tests of a single vehicle model were conducted at three different test facilities for a total of nine tests. The responses of the vehicle and its occupants, THOR 50th percentile male ATDs in the driver and right front passenger seating positions, were evaluated to determine repeatability within a single test facility and for reproducibility among the three test facilities. The results demonstrated that the vehicle responses were generally repeatable and reproducible, with the exception of three of the seven post-crash intrusion measurements. All but two of the driver response metrics were shown to be repeatable, and only three driver responses were not reproducible between test facilities. Post-test examination unveiled some variation in dummy positioning which could have contributed to these variations. Overall, this test series demonstrated repeatable and reproducible results for the oblique offset test procedure for most of the parameters studied. The results have also identified a few areas where the test procedure can be refined, including improved sensor mounting requirements and dummy leg positioning procedures.
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