Failure Analysis and Multi Frequency Swept Sine Testing of Automotive Engine Oil Sump

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  • 2018-01-1207

  • 2018-04-03
Automotive business is more focused towards delivering a highly durable and reliable product at an optimum cost. Anything falling short of customer expectation, will damage the reputation of the manufacturer. To exterminate this, all automotive components undergo stringent testing protocol during the design validation process. Nevertheless, there are certain factors in the field which cannot be captured during design validation. This paper aims at developing a validation methodology for engine oil sump by simulating field failure. In few of our vehicles, field failure was observed in engine oil sump near drain plug location. Preliminary analysis was carried out to find the potential causes for failure. A new engine oil sump was strain gauged at the failure location and accelerometers were fitted installed beneath the oil sump base and drain plug. The instrumented oil sump along with the engine was subjected to the engine transient durability cycles in the engine test bed, to acquire strain and acceleration values during engine operation with different loading conditions. Strain and acceleration values were found to be severe over a certain engine speed. Resonance frequency of the oil sump was found using the transmissibility between the oil sump base and drain plug. The oil sump was assembled in a suitable fixture to simulate engine boundary conditions and sine sweep test was conducted in lab using servo-hydraulic test system. Durability test was carried out with multi frequency swept sine testing for the corresponding strain and acceleration amplitudes observed in engine test bed. The field failure was simulated in lab test and the root cause for failure was found out. After the design modification, new oil sump samples were validated and achieved an improved life over the earlier design.
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